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meet the TEAM

All our staff and volunteers are committed to the mission of Chelsea and Fulham Methodist churches, to serve and support people affected by homelessness, poverty, loneliness, isolation, and mental and physical ill health. The aim is to bring people to a place where they can start making positive changes and transform their lives.

Rev Faith pic.jpeg


Superintendent Minister - Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham Circuit 

Minister - Chelsea & Fulham Methodist Churches

Rev. Faith has a walm personality and is greatly interested in people - sharing the love of God with all through worship, discipleship, Mission and pastoral care.

She is married to John and they have two adult children.

Her day off  is Friday, which she spends reading, catching up on sleep, going to the theatre or cinema with family or friends, and eating food someone else has cooked!

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Resourcing Mission Executive Officer - Chelsea & Fulham Methodist Churches

Andrea is committed and passionate about her Christian faith. She is an ambassador for Chelsea and Fulham Church’s mission and vision to reach out to the community to transform people lives through practical acts of love, kindness and service to all who reach out for care and support.

Andrea is responsible for the administration of the church and pastoral centre. This includes matters of finance, publicity, internal and external communications, relationships, developing outreach projects, generating funding through grants, corporate sponsorship, local activities and bookings. Her duties also include managing staff, the church building
and facilities. 


Service manager - King's Road Community Drop-in at Chelsea Methodist Church

Shane has been managing the Drop-in - a day centre for homeless and vulnerable adults - since 2019, after several years serving as deputy manager. He oversees the free meal service, handling the purchasing of food supplies and delivery of food donations. Shane also manages the running of the laundry service, clothing bank and shower facilities. He is the main point of contact for guests attending the Drop-in, connecting them with specialised support services and working closely with caseworkers at Chelsea Methodist Church partner Glass Door.



Kitchen co-ordinator - King's Road Community Drop-in at Chelsea Methodist Church

Loris oversees our free communal lunch service, ensuring the provision of nutritious and cost effective cooked meals for our homeless and vulnerable guests.



Community outreach worker - Chelsea & Fulham Methodist church

Hayley is a qualified counsellor who runs online and in-person support groups for women and men. She can currently be found running the Heartbeat Community Cafe at Fulham Methodist Church, 

eddie kathleen takeaway sanctuary.jpg


Support worker - King's Road Community Drop-in

When he went into hospital with hypothermia, Eddie had been street homeless for 26 years after growing up in care. This was a big wake up call. He realised that if he continued to sleep rough, he could die young. Eddie started sleeping in night shelters in West London churches including Chelsea Methodist Church, and finding respite in our King’s Road Community Drop-in. With support from staff and volunteers he began to transform his life. 


Feeling called to help others he began volunteering at the Drop-in. Now he’s employed as a support worker, and is a highly valued member of the Drop in team. 

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