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SUPPORT FOR WOMEN & s.t.a.r.s ministrY


Keeping Faith during Lockdown

We envision a world in which women, regardless of faith and of no faith, race, ethnicity, age, income level sexuality or social status are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential in God.

Women's Drop in Group usually meet every Friday over a light meal from 12pm providing pastoral care, advice and support. 

Here's STARS group facilitator Hayley Finucane on YouTube  speaking during the Covid lockdowns about support through the this season.

Friday Friendship Group.jpg


"Every Friday for close on two years, women who love Jesus join together to celebrate this love. As Jesus shared food with his disciples and strangers so do we. Corona virus, do not celebrate breaking us up. God has given us what's app and we can digitally share joy, prayer and friendship same as before. I am thankful for the ability to share in word, song, and  image.  There's comedy, information, and attractive dishes to feast our eyes on"



"In the last two years I have had opportunities to become more involved in church activities.  Having a family, caring for relatives with ill health and working two jobs for the best part of forty years. I felt blessed to suddenly have more time to meditate on the word, strengthen my faith, particularly with women. The first Beauty in Exchange 4 Ashes women's conference was inspiring and I felt a deep and profound connection with God that strengthened my faith at one of the most difficult personal times in my life. Reverend Lola, Andrea, Hayley are caring and supportive and have set a firm foundation to build women's ministry in the circuit."

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